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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Don't confuse me with the facts

The undemocratic "breakthrough" in forming Iraq's puppet government has taken away the Bushies' most recent excuse and scapegoat for their "utter debacle" -- the failure of those ingrate Iraqis to immediately form a government after those wondrous purple-fingered elections. But that won't stop the Bushies from using the excuse one last time. From the WaPo:
Rice Says Progress In Iraq Might Aid Efforts on Turkey
Rice, who is traveling this week to Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria, told reporters flying with her that the end of the four-month impasse over Iraq's political leadership -- achieved over the weekend -- would open a new phase in the country's reconstruction.
Progress "doesn't come in great flashes, it doesn't come in great outbursts of another election," she said. "This is now going to have to be steady progress toward building the infrastructure of governing, and then governing."

Strangely enough, what happens in Condi's fantasy world has little bearing on the real one, where there seem to be lots of "great flashes" and "outbursts":

Baghdad Rocked By Car Bombs
Seven car bombs exploded in Baghdad in the morning, killing at least 10 people and wounding about 70, according to police officials and news reports. Across the country, bombings, shootings and mortar attacks killed at least 15 others, and the Baghdad police discovered the bodies of 32 recruits for security forces.
Violence--both the sectarian kind, between Shiite Muslims, Sunni Arabs and Kurds, and insurgent attacks on U.S. and Iraqi government forces--has continued unabated since parliament met on Saturday to choose a new prime minister to lead Iraq for the next four years.
I'm sure the Turks are thrilled that Condi sees this "progress" in Iraq as an opportunity for "progress" in Turkey. Maybe Istanbul will one day look like Baghdad.