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Monday, April 03, 2006

April fools in Iraq

Riverbend has a list of ten April Fools' jokes to say to Iraqis. Here are the first and the last:
1. Guess what?! There's going to be electricity this summer!!!

10. "Guess what?! They caught Zarqawi!!!" (This will only work on Iraqis who actually think he exists.)
She notes the frustration over the formation of a government:
I don't think anyone believes they're going to make any improvements or major changes, we're just tired of waiting for the final formation. People need to know who'll be in power because they want to know who to pay bribes to or get a 'tazkiya' from when they need something done. We need to know which religious party to go to when the Interior Ministry goons take away a relative.
Now that's liberation! (April fools.)