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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

And so it goes

Chris Floyd lays out the facts about Iran:
The facts of the "Iranian crisis" are these: Iran has a right, under international treaty, to develop a nuclear energy program, which necessarily includes enriching uranium. The nation's leaders have repeatedly declared--in religious edicts, no less--that it would be illegal and unrighteous under Islamic law for Iran to develop a weapons program. The country's nuclear program has been subjected to perhaps the most extensive international inspection process in history, which has not produced any evidence of a clandestine weapons program.Yet it is more likely than not that before the year is out, the United States will launch some sort of military action against Iran, using the Foucaultian "representation" of Iran long entrenched in the American psyche by the hostage-taking in 1979 as the unconscious trigger for war fever among the public, who will thus be predisposed to accept whatever line of bull the Bushists feed them. And, as with Iraq, this bull will be augmented with heaping helpings from leading Democrats, ever anxious to display their warrior spirit in the vain hope of attracting a few Fox News Republicans. Are we really going to sleepwalk into this waking nightmare once again?

Looks like it.
Unfortunately, facts have little to do with how the world is run. And war is the only way the Repugs survive the coming hurricane season.

BTW, I left Floyd a comment, pointing out that the phrase "leading Democrats" is an oxymoron.