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Friday, March 24, 2006

You're either Willis or you're with the terrorists

Eli at Left I found this quote in the "Celebrities" section of the San Jose Mercury News:
Diplomat-in-training Bruce Willis has defused a potential war with Colombia. The "Armageddon" star recently argued that since Colombia's cocaine trafficking is as evil as terrorism, we should invade the country. A surprisingly irked Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez called Willis "arrogant" and "ignorant."

"I spoke to the Colombians," Bruce now tells the New York Daily News. "It's fine. I get passionate sometimes."
Willis is just Moonlighting as a diplomat; old habits Die Hard. Fortunately, he "talked to the Colombians," so it apparently won't lead to Armageddon (or, God forbid, Armageddon II). Bruce has a Sixth Sense about these things, he talks them through before going the Whole Nine Yards.

I just watched Oceans Twelve yesterday. Willis played himself. I thought he did a crappy job of it. {Julia Roberts did a much better job portraying someone pretending to be someone pretending to be Julia Roberts.}

Also, in his defense--maybe he's at least a little right? The drug trade has probably killed many more people than what generally gets called "terrorism." And we've already pretty much invaded Colombia. I'll reword it for him: "Why such a big deal about 'terrorism'? The Colombian drug trade kills more people. We should pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan before we pull them out of Colombia!"

Unfortunately, Mr. Willis couldn't be reached for comment, so I assume my paraphrasing is okay with him.