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Thursday, March 30, 2006

W is like, ya know, history, dude!

Ours is a society where things are like instant, so therefore, history almost is like so far back it doesn't count.
(Emphasis added.) -- AWol, answering questions after yesterday's speech. Jenna must have been like talking into his like earpiece instead of, like, Karl. Maybe keeping Jenna away from the microphone was one of Andy Card's jobs he like forgot to tell Bolten about.

Later on, George and Jenna demonstrate their comprehensive grasp of economics:
One of the most pure forms of democracy is the marketplace, where demand causes something to happen. Excess demand causes prices to -- the supply causes prices to go up, and vice versa.
For more delightfully snotty comments about the Idiot-in-Chief's latest public embarrassment, go pay a visit to, like, WIIIAI. And vice versa.