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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Turning "suspected terror sites" into terror sites

That's what the US military is doing in Iraq. From CNN:
A U.S.-led raid on a suspected site of terror network al Qaeda in Iraq killed 11 civilians -- including five children -- according to Iraqi police.
The military only admits to killing four.

Either way, it's probably far less "collateral damage" than what they're doing today:
U.S. and Iraqi forces on Thursday launched the largest air assault operation since the invasion of Iraq nearly three years ago, the U.S. military said.

More than 50 aircraft are involved in Operation Swarmer, supporting more than 1,500 Iraqi and U.S. troops near Samarra, about 75 miles (121 kilometers) north of Baghdad.

The aircraft also delivered troops from the Iraq and U.S. Army to "multiple objectives."

The offensive began Thursday morning in southern Salaheddin province "to clear a suspected insurgent operating area northeast of Samarra," the site of the bombing of the Shiite shrine that escalated sectarian tensions and pushed Iraq to the brink of civil war.
The list of war crimes, and aWol is out bragging about his criminal pre-emptive war policy, while telling exactly the same lies about Iran that he told about Iraq three years ago.