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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This moron is in charge of the world's largest military

In the same Pentagon news conference I cited yesterday, a reporter asked Gin Rummy what an Iraqi civil war might look like:
Why don’t you ask the other question: what would it look like if there’s not chaos and civil war? And that’s kind of -- kind of what people have been describing. If you have on the one hand the Iraqi security forces succeeding, that’s good. The back side of that would be they wouldn’t be. They would disappear, or they would fall apart, or they would engage in sectarian violence themselves, or they’d refuse to obey, or something like that. ... the political leaders and the government figures [would] do exactly the opposite of what they’re doing, and that is to stand up and say, “By golly, we’re not going to take this. They bombed one of our mosques; let’s go bomb their mosque.” And they said just the opposite.
There's one of your unknown unknowns--what the hell does Rummy mean? I think he managed to say just the opposite of what he was saying AS HE SAID IT!

(Thanks to WIIIAI for reading Rummy's news conferences so we don't have to.)