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Friday, March 24, 2006

Still not a vegetarian? part whatever

The Bushies' Department of Agriculture is going the extra mile to make sure that a small meatpacking company CAN'T go the extra mile to make sure their beef is safe. Creekstone Farms, of Kansas, wanted to build a mad-cow testing lab at its slaughterhouse capable of testing every cow processed. Unfortunately, the USDA controls the sale of mad-cow testing kits, and wouldn't allow Creekstone Farms to buy enough kits to test every cow. The USDA blocked the sale at the behest of the major meatpacking corporations, who adamantly oppose testing every cow (or any cow, probably).

Jonathan at Past Peak has much more. Remember, just about every burger or steak you eat supports these giant meatpacking corporations, who may be the most dangerous and criminal companies in the country (and that's saying a lot). They brutally slaughter many thousands of animals every day, after having raised them in horrendous conditions. And the way they treat their workers and the general public, or the environment for that matter, isn't much better.