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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Separation of church and state

AWol is for it in Afghanistan; against it here. Yesterday, he addressed the case of the man in Afghanistan who may face the death penalty for converting to Christianity.
"It is deeply troubling that a country we helped liberate would hold a person to account because they chose a particular religion over another," Bush said on Wednesday.

"We have got influence in Afghanistan and we are going to use it to remind them that there are universal values," he said.
Yeah--like against torture, against preemptive war, and against being such a hypocrite that one can claim to have "liberated" a country while discussing clear evidence that the country is not liberated at all.

And executing someone who has converted to Christianity? That's just plain wrong--at least without mocking her first.

And, speaking of Afghanistan, I saw Russ Feingold's interview on the Daily Show last night. Very disappointing, I thought. Especially when he credited the Bushies for having done "a good job, at first, with Afghanistan and so on." (I'm paraphrasing--the clip doesn't seem to be available at Comedy Central.) Gee, Russ. We killed a whole bunch of people, not including the guy we supposedly went after, and installed a puppet regime which rules one corner of Kabul and uses its sovereignty to persecute Christians. We've put Afghanistan back in the opium business. We've probably killed more Canadians and football players than we have terrorists who had any connection to 9/11. What would a bad job have looked like?

Feingold's probably the best out of 100 senators, but he still sucks.