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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Maybe the incompetence is on purpose

Right-wing cartoonists, not quite as able to ignore the obvious as aWol himself, are still quite willing to use it for their own agenda. Since the Bush administration can't do anything right, obviously the federal government can't be trusted with health care.

Here's one from yesterday from Detroit News cartoonist Henry Payne:

and one from Omaha cartoonist Jeff Koterba:

I'll agree with them to a point--nothing would destroy the idea of universal health care in this country quicker than having the Bushies run it (although Hillary obviously set it back decades with her convoluted scheme back in 1993). Payne also gets points with me for knocking Hillary--that's definitely common ground I share with the wingnuts. But the overall conclusion is absurd. Should car companies have stopped making cars because of the failure of the Edsel? Should Hollywood have stopped making movies after Catwoman? That this particular horrible version of a federal government is incapable of doing (or unwilling to do) anything right, doesn't mean that a good federal government couldn't do health care properly. In fact, many governments around the world are doing so now. I'm sure they have their problems, but they are far superior to the expensive, inadequate health care system in this country.

An interesting approach for ideologues; use the obvious incompetence of your heroes to advance their agenda instead of calling for their replacement.