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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Chris Floyd writes about how slipped a provision into the new-and-depraved "Patriot Act" which puts the fast-tracking of state executions of supposed criminals into the hands of Torture Gonzales.
This remarkably vindictive and bloodthirsty measure which has absolutely nothing to do with the "war on terrorism" or "homeland security," the ostensible subjects of the Patriot Act strips the judiciary of its supervision over state-devised "fast track" procedures to speed up the execution process.
The backdoor measure in the Patriot Act decrees that responsibility for awarding fast-track death-penalty status to the states will now be the sole prerogative of the U.S. Attorney General one Alberto Gonzales. Yes, the fawning minion whose perversions of law on behalf of his boss have abetted murderous war, systematic torture, mass corruption, assassination, abduction, rendition, dictatorship and the slipshod Texas death machinery will now decide if states are legally scrupulous enough to resume lickety-split executions.
God only knows what festering psychic wounds drive these spiritual cripples and their obsession with death. But for them, power isn't real unless it's written on the body of another human being a prisoner, guilty or not; an "enemy," real or imagined; or the multitude of slaughtered innocents whose only crime was living in a land that the cripples wanted to conquer.