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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just another layer of obfuscation

The supposedly moderate Repugs in the Senate, led by Chuck Hagel (NE) and Olympia Snowe (ME), have reached an agreement with the White House to provide a facade of oversight on domestic wiretapping. That the White House has conceded nothing and still claims dictatorial powers is clear from this:
A spokeswoman for the White House, Dana Perino, called the Republican senators' proposal "a generally sound approach."

"We're eager to work with Congress on legislation that would further codify the president's authority," Ms. Perino said. "We remain committed to our principle, that we will not do anything that undermines the program's capabilities or the president's authority."
The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written largely in response to the autocratic powers claimed by an incompetent leader named George. Another George is taking them back, and the worthless Congress is unwilling to stop him.