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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

From Matt Wuerker.

It's true. Even though global warming seems to be a runaway freight train, it seems hard to complain about here in Michigan. Even though technically still winter, we had a glorious weekend--sunny and with temperatures in the 60's. I was playing soccer in shorts and a t-shirt on Saturday! We had a lot of snow and cold days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but since then I think we've had more thunderstorms than snowstorms! I don't remember ever seeing winter thunderstorms here until a couple of years ago--now we get big booming lighting in January.

Of course, it's hard to reach any definite conclusions from this--Michigan weather has always been strange and unpredictable. But for the last few years, all things considered, I think it would be hard to find anywhere in the continental US with better weather overall. No drought like the west; no hurricanes like the south. All our jobs may have gone south, but in a few years Michigan may be one of the most liveable places in the country.

Of course, in the long run global warming will be bad for just about everybody, including the people of Michigan. But we've got water, fertile soil, are well above sea level, and warmer temperatures will actually make Michigan more liveable, at least for a while.