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Monday, February 27, 2006

Sell the ports in a storm

Perhaps responding to my whining about my favorite bloggers not writing much lately, one of those bloggers, Michelle from You Will Anyway (which has been on hold now for five months--whine!) e-mailed me with some interesting tidbits about the ports deal. She sent a link to a Cannonfire post which points out that as the Abramoff and DeLay scandals have been drying up Repug funding sources, the Repugs are looking elsewhere for the money it takes to buy elections.

And money is what Dubai (and Dubya) is all about. The "war on terror" was a windfall for the UAE, with Afghanistan having been made safe again for heroin and with al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations (read CIA, ISI, Mossad, etc.) needing advanced money-laundering facilities. The Village Voice links the port deal to a Russian gun runner named Victor Bout. Cannonfire also notes that Pakistani nuke merchant A.Q. Kahn used Dubai to distribute nuclear materials, and that the deal apparently involves 21 US ports, not just six.

Throw in the profits that Treasury Secretary Snow will make from the deal, ties to the Carlyle Group and Halliburton, and of course W's sleazebag brother Neil and we're getting pretty close to the perfect Repug storm.

We'll probably find out someday that hurricane relief funds were laundered through Dubai to buy Israeli weapons for Tehran (the Iran-Katrina scandal), or maybe that the Bushies have been selling pirated copies of popular children's books to fund the Iraqi insurgency (Pottergate).

PS: To honor TREASEC Snow, Dubai now features a Snow Park, even though global climate change brought the UAE its first real snow a little over a year ago.