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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

One day...

"For example, roof makers will one day be able to create a solar roof that protects you from the elements and, at the same time, powers your house." -- aWol, babbling yesterday about energy in Milwaukee.

Shortly thereafter, he went to Auburn Hills, Michigan to visit the Unisolar factory, where they make shingles that protect you from the element and power your house. Like, for example, my house--since last July.

I don't know--it would be encouraging to hear aWol talk about cutting our dependence on oil. IF, that is, he could be trusted in the least, which we know he can't. For instance, he talks about last year's energy bill as a step in the right direction! And he praises France (hear that, wingnuts? FRANCE!!) for having built a whole bunch of nuke plants since the 1970's, while we haven't built any:
It's interesting when you think about a country like France, however, they have built 58 plants since the 1970s; they get 78 percent of their electricity from nuclear power. It's an interesting contrast, isn't it? We haven't done anything since the '70s; this country has decided to recognize the importance of having renewable sources of energy that protect the environment, and 78 percent of their electricity comes from this form of energy.
The "protect the environment" line is outrageous enough; maybe Mr. Yushchenko can give W a tour of Chernobyl one of these days, preferably without protection. But "renewable?" How in the world is nuclear power renewable??

And, as WIIIAI points out, aWol claims that nuclear power is perfectly safe, but then says that there's new federal risk insurance (in that energy bill) for the next six nuke plants built in this country. So much for entrepreneurs taking risks; it's you and I and the rest of us 'mercans who'll be taking (and paying for) the risks.