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Friday, February 03, 2006

Heading home!

My two weeks in Guanajuato are nearing an end. Itīs almost 10 PM now, and at 1 AM I'll be on a first class bus for Mexico City. My plane leaves there for Washington-Dulles at 10 AM, and I will hopefully arrive in Detroit at about 6:30 PM. A long day.

Guanajuato is a about the finest place Iīve ever been. The town is gorgeous, but the people are so friendly it's almost embarrassing. Mexicans are absolutely wonderful. I think I've learned quite a bit of Spanish here, and look forward to coming back soon.

Once I'm home I'll post some pictures and some other thoughts.

As far as politics go, my general impression is that there is one big difference between the US and Mexico. The governments in both countries are totally corrupt--the difference is that the Mexicans know it.

Cyndy links to a great cartoon explaining the differences between the two criminal parties in the US: