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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Dena sent me two articles about Cuba and the continued insane approach of the US towards that island nation.

One article (no direct link--subscription only) concerns the "Cuban Five," five Cuban counterterrorism agents (Jack Bauers, if you will) who were operating in Miami several years ago attempting to PREVENT terror attacks in Cuba sponsored by groups of right-wing Cuban expatriates in Miami. They were convicted in 2001 and sentenced to lengthy prison sentences, and have been denied visits from family members. Recently, the 11th Circuit Court ruled that the Cuban Five received an unfair trial, but the "Justice" department is stalling in granting them a new trial. The hypocrisy involved in imprisoning men who should be seen as comrades in the "war on terror," while harboring known terrorists like Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles is appalling.

The other article concerns the recent action of the US Treasury Department in demanding that an American-owned hotel in Mexico City expel a Cuban oil industry delegation that was meeting there with US oil execs. The Mexican government, including representatives of all three major political parties, have protested this violation of Mexican sovereignty. They are threatening to shut down the Sheraton hotel involved for violating anti-discrimination laws.

Thanks, Dena!