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Friday, February 10, 2006

Cartoon idea of the week

Not-being-offended-by-something (NBOBS) is a great form of empowerment which obviously the poor Muslim world lacks. The right-wing demagogues of Denmark clearly know this and mobilize their base with the Allah baiting. Instead of counterattacking the right, I think it's our responsibility to help the poor Muslims develop NBOBS. To that end I have designed a cartoon in which an emaciated Mohammed and Jesus -- wearing a yellow star -- fellate one another in a modified 69 behind the barbed wire of Aushwitz as Buddha gorges himself on a stinking pile of Shiva's feces and the Virgin Mary gives birth to a razor-toothed leprechaun beneath a smiling Raisin-Bran sun, and Mother Goose flies over the entire proceedings strafing the inmates with bullets, bibles, etc. Also the whole thing would be painted in stem cells.
-- A comment by Setholonius to this post, linked to by A Tiny Revolution. As a member of several religions unoffended by Seth's cartoon, I am offended to have been left out. Sometimes it seems as though religion was invented to be a convenient way to give and take offense. Patriotism, too.