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Monday, February 27, 2006


Watching the Olympics and finding other creative ways to waste my time have cut down on my blogging lately. Many of my favorite bloggers seem to have slowed their output as well, providing me with less inspiration. Of course there's plenty to write about, but it's hard coming up with something worthwhile to say on some of these issues. For example:
  • On Iraq's descent into civil war: Saying "I told you so" is pretty crass, as is being either shocked or excited when a dropped egg finally hits the ground. Of course, the right-wing spin machine will insist first off that Humpty Dumpty hasn't fallen, and furthermore that all the king's horses and all the king's men will of course be able to put Humpty back together again.
  • On the ports issue: I find it somewhat humorous, and I hope that it opens a huge window for those who have been supportive of aWol's "war on terror" and all the associated BS, finally making them see what a huge hypocrite he is. Of course, there is plenty of hypocrisy coming from critics, too, much of it racist. I doubt if the UAE company would be substantially worse than the British company in running our ports, and would probably be much better than the most likely American company to take over if the deal gets squashed. (That would be Halliburton.) Shouldn't the ports, like airports, be run by local governments, with perhaps some help from federal security? Are they afraid that this would result in too many American union members being hired? (Of course they are.) But, probably being hypocritical myself, I'll side with the deal's opponents in hope that it will help to sink the Bushtanic.
  • We should be cognizant that these issues, as bad as they already are for Bush, are also distracting from his many other crimes, including the Plame affair and the illegal NSA wiretapping. Basically, every single day since January 20, 2001, Bush and his cronies have woken up and gone about the business of destroying America and the world for the benefit of themselves and their friends. We should also recognize that a huge percentage of the American public has let most of this crap slide (or denied it altogether), and shouldn't be too hopeful that the new scandals will generate any real outrage.