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Monday, February 06, 2006

Back in the saddle

I arrived back in Michigan Saturday evening. It hadn't snowed during the two weeks I was gone, but it was snowing when I got back! Yesterday I spent recovering and watching the Super Bowl with family. I'm still catching up on the news and the blogs (the REAL news).

Mexico, and Guanajuato were wonderful. Can't wait to go back. If you'd like to see my photos, send me an e-mail (bob AT aapeace DOT org) and I'll send you an invite to my Kodak Gallery album.

Three years ago when I went to Chiapas, I came back thinking that there was one main difference between the US and Mexico politically: The vast majority of Mexicans know that their government is corrupt, while here in the US we are faced with a huge segment of the population that thinks that corruption is only an infrequent abberation--the occasional Traficant, Cunningham or Abramoff--not the totally pervasive one-dollar one-vote system you and I know it to be. I mentioned this theory of mine to several Mexicans in the past two weeks, and they agreed. You find very few supporters of President Vicente Fox in Mexico, and basically NOBODY who likes George Bush (except maybe Fox himself).

One of the many things I like about Mexico!