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Monday, January 16, 2006

Quote du jour

"The new federal program is too complicated for many people to understand, and the implementation of the new program by the federal government has been awful," said Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, a Republican.

Pawlenty is talking about the multitude of screwups in the new Medicare bill, the one jammed down the throat of Congress in 2003 with lies, threats and bribes. Lots of poor old people are having a real hard time getting their meds these days, thanks to the criminal subversion of the democratic process on behalf of Big Pharma by the likes of Bush, Tommy Thompson, and Tom DeLay.

Normally I would applaud a Republican criticizing the Bush administration, but Pawlenty is undeserving of praise--he was a Bush "Pioneer" in the 2004 election cycle, raising over $100,000 for aWol's re-selection. He also withdrew from the 2002 senate race at the request of the Veep from the Deep, figuring I guess that the rights of a war-criminal oilman from Wyoming take precedence over the preferences of the people of Minnesota in picking a senator. (Pawlenty's withdrawal cleared the way for the atrocious Norm Coleman to be the Republican candidate for Senate, and Coleman won because his opponent Paul Wellstone was murdered in a plane crash.)

So go Cheney yourself, guv'nor, although in this case it seems like you may already have done so.

Like the war in Iraq and Katrina, the Medicare fiasco demonstrates that selecting really bad presidents has really bad consequences.