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Monday, January 09, 2006

Nothing suspicious here

From Todd Purdum in the NY Times:
David E. Rosenbaum, a retired reporter and editor for The New York Times who for more than 35 years wrote about the intersection of politics, economics and government policy with uncommon depth, clarity and a keen eye for the story behind the story, died Sunday. He was 63.

His death was caused by a brain injury suffered when he was struck in the head and robbed Friday night while walking near his home in Northwest Washington, police officials and his family members said.
He retired from the Times last month. So, just as the New Pravda's repeated coverups of important stories is exposed (see previous post), one of their longtime Washington reporters resigns--and shortly thereafter is beaten to death on the streets of Washington.

Note the Times' headline: David Rosenbaum, Reporter for Times Who Covered Politics, Dies at 63. Headline readers wouldn't have a clue that he'd been bludgeoned to death. And Todd Purdum, while remarking on Rosenbaum's keen eye for the story behind the story, shows no interest for the story behind this story. Just a simple brutal mugging--could happen to anyone. I guess the two-bullet suicides were getting too suspicious.

I see from a Google News search that many other news outlets are reporting Rosenbaum's death more accurately--he was "killed," he didn't just "die." The WaPo article notes that the neighborhood where he was attacked is generally quiet and safe.