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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Headline "News"

USA Today's headline for the AP report on the US bombing of a house in Beiji which killed seven (or nine or twelve): U.S. bombs suspected insurgent hideout; 7 killed. The shorter headline yesterday was even more deceptive: U.S. bombs Iraq hideout; Attack kills 7 insurgents, police say. Actually, according to the AP article, Iraqi police said the attack killed seven people and wounded four. Insurgents? Don't think so:
A preliminary investigation indicated the blast had killed the wife of the home's owner, his daughter-in-law and seven children and grandchildren, including one son who worked for the police, said Maj. Muthanna al-Qaisi, a spokesman for the governor of Salahaddin Province. Three more relatives were wounded, he said.
Roadside bombs, car bombs and suicide bombs are obviously horrible and despicable. But even this brutality pales beside this criminal and cowardly aerial bombardment. Unmanned surveillance aircraft followed up by supersonic F-14's indiscriminately destroying lives--that's terrorism if there ever was terrorism.

WIIIAI points out:
Here it is well over a day later, and no one seems to have gone to see if they were actually planting an IED and maybe even defuse it before it, you know, kills somebody.
I think maybe it's time for the purple-finger gang supposedly putting together a government in Iraq to declare the country to once again be a "no-fly zone." There is no freedom, democracy or sovereignty if foreign invaders can demolish any building in the country any time they feel like it.