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Monday, January 23, 2006


I'm now in Guanajuato, sitting in the cafe at the Escuela Mexicana. My classes start at 11, about half an hour from now. The city is just as amazing as it looks in the pictures. My host family is actually the owner of the school, with her husband and two daughters. They have an incredible house way up on the hill, with a spectacular view of the city.

I took a first-class bus from Mexico City, which took five hours. Greyhound should be ashamed. Seating on the bus is three to a row--singles on one side of the aisle, paired seating on the other. Quiet, clean, climate-controlled, clean bathroom. The scenery along the way wasn't especially beautiful--much like what you'd see in the semi-desert regions in the USA--California, Colorado, New Mexico. But Guanajuato is beautiful, climbing the hills, surrounding a very compact, pedestrian-friendly centro historico. When I arrived at the house last evening, a celebration was going on in the city below, as seems to be the Sunday-evening custom in Latin America. Music and simple fireworks were the most noticable activities from my perch way above.

More later!