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Sunday, January 01, 2006

CBS locks 'em up; ABC gets 'em out

I just watched the pilot episode for In Justice, ABC's new drama where a bunch of do-gooder lawyers work to help people improperly convicted of crimes get out of jail. As a followup to the recent Paul Craig Roberts' article about the sorry state of American "justice," it seems like a pretty good show to have on about now. The pilot episode covered some of the many flaws--faulty eyewitnesses, bad defense lawyers, improper use of circumstantial evidence. Here's ABC's blurb for the show:
In Justice is a completely new take on the procedural drama. Focusing on cases of justice run amok -- sloppy police work, false testimony and biased juries -- the National Justice Project is a high-profile, non-profit organization made up of hungry young associates who approach their work like a puzzle... a puzzle that's been put together wrong. They fight to overturn wrongful convictions, liberate the falsely accused and discover the identity of those really to blame. They're led in their task by modern-day heroes, David Swain, a blustery but charismatic attorney of questionable ethics but undeniable talent, and his chief investigator, Charles Conti, a former cop.
Interestingly, the show's regular time slot will be Fridays at nine, directly opposite CBS's Close to Home--a show about a bunch of prosecutors.