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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

American justice

From the NY Times:
BAGHDAD, Iraq, Jan. 3 - United States warplanes dropped bombs on a home near Bayji Monday night that Iraqi officials said killed nine members of a family and wounded three more.

American military officials confirmed the attack today and said the bombs were dropped after an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft recorded three men planting a bomb next to a road about 9 p.m. After the men were tracked to a nearby building, United States warplanes bombed the structure with "precision guided munitions," the military said.

But enraged Iraqi officials in Bayji, about 150 miles north of Baghdad, said today the attack was unjustified and killed an innocent family. A preliminary investigation of the blast site indicated that the airstrike killed the wife of the home's owner, his daughter-in-law and seven other family members, including one son who worked for the police, said Maj. Muthanna al-Qaisi, a spokesman for the governor of the Saluhaddin province.

"The owner of the house is a very simple man," said Maj. Al-Qaisi. "The American forces did not provide us with any justification for the attack and the governor requires an investigation concerning this attack."
This isn't liberation. This isn't democracy. It's atrocities, war crimes. No matter how many phony elections they have, the criminal invasion of Iraq has been a massive failure by any reasonable standards. I hope the victims in that house are buried in a mass grave, just to make a point.