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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

3.5 million Kenyans face starvation

From CNN:
Malnourished children cried feebly in hospital in this drought-stricken corner of Kenya, too weak to even make themselves heard as aid agencies warned Tuesday that they do not have money to feed millions of Kenyans hit by food shortages.
The crisis hit as Kenya forecast a surplus harvest of 62,500 metric tons (68,900 tons) of maize. Farmers in other parts of the country were waiting in lines for up to two weeks to sell surplus maize, the nation's staple food, to the national cereal and produce board.

Surplus food in the west of Kenya is being exported abroad rather than diverted to those at risk from the food crisis.
"Free" markets: magic, or genocide?

Okay, that's way too trite. I know basically nothing about the crisis in Kenya except what I read in the article. But the neoliberal dream of the supremacy of markets, exemplified by the WTO and regional agreements like NAFTA, inevitably means that many will starve because the food they need goes to a higher bidder.