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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More from Condiliar

In her speech at the Heritage Foundation, Condiliar had this to say:
I'm sad to say that the international community has barely done anything to help Iraq prosecute Saddam Hussein. All who expressed their devotion to human rights and the rule of law have a special obligation to help the Iraqis bring to justice one of the world’s most murderous tyrants. The international community’s effective boycott of Saddam’s trial is only harming the Iraqi people, who are now working to secure the hope of justice and freedom that Saddam long denied them.
Ahem. Condi? Condi? The international community set up something called the International Criminal Court, which your idiot boss steadfastly refused to participate in. Boycotted, even. And the sham trial going on in Iraq is supposedly Iraq trying one of its own criminals. Where exactly is the "international community" supposed to come in on that? Were they even invited? Maybe they'd like to come in and add to the charges against Saddam--like purchasing weapons and means for dispersing chemical weapons from the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations, or using US intelligence to attack his own people. I'm sure the French or the Iranians could add some spice to the trial. Is that what you want?

Condi has got to be the stupidest smart woman ever.