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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Two morons discussed the fate of the world on Fox News yesterday. Excerpts, emphasis added:
HUME: Secretary Rumsfeld, how does he stand with you?

BUSH: Good. He's done a heck of a job. He's conducted two wars, and at the same time is out to transfer my military
from a military that was constructed for the post-Cold War to one that is going to be constructed to fight terrorism.

HUME: Is he here to stay, as far as you're concerned, until the end of your term?

BUSH: Yes. Well, the end of my term is a long time, but I'll tell you, he's doing a heck of a good job. I have no intention of changing him.
Of course not. Rummy has some Army Major change his Depends for him. Anyway...
HUME: How about Karl Rove, the man you once called the architect.

He went through some trials and tribulations and they appear largely to be over now. There has been some thought that perhaps your relationship with him is more distant than once it was. What about that?

BUSH: Somebody said that was recent speculation, and we're still as close as we've ever been. We've been through a lot. When I look back at the presidency and my time in politics, uh, no question Karl had a lot to do with me getting here.
Really. You think?
HUME: Turning to politics here, Democrats say that there is a culture of corruption among Republicans in Congress. Now, we've had the DeLay indictment, part of which has since been dismissed. You had you've got this Abramoff investigation going on up there, and whatever the outcome, it isn't pretty.

And then you have the Duke Cunningham case, with which I know you're familiar, and we've now seen some of the details of that case. They're quite striking: rugs and goodies of all kinds and large sums of money. What about that allegation, that there's a culture of corruption on Capitol Hill among Republicans? How do you feel about that?

BUSH: Well, first of all, I feel Duke Cunningham was wrong and should be punished for what he did. And I think anybody who does what he did should be punished, Republican or Democrat. Secondly, I'm you know, the Abramoff I'm frankly, not all that familiar with a lot that's going on up there on Capitol Hill. But it seems like to me that he was an equal money dispenser, that he was giving money to people in both political parties.
BUSH (cont): Yes, I mean, it's really important for all of us in public life to have the highest of ethics. So we can only trust the American people.
What the Cheney does that mean?
HUME: Do you hope and expect that Tom DeLay will return to be majority leader?

BUSH: Yes. At least, I don't know whether I'm expecting it. I hope that he will.

HUME: Why?

BUSH: Well, I like him. When he's over there, we get our votes through the House.
Hey moron! Do you have any idea HOW DeLay gets your votes through the House, and how it represents the LOWEST in ethics, not the highest? Bribes, threats, extortion, subverting the democratic process. That's what DeLay does. That's what DeLay is.
HUME: You know a thing or two about Texas politics. What is your judgment of the prosecutor in the case, Ronnie Earle?

BUSH: I'm not going to go there, simply because I want I want this trial to be conducted as fairly as possible. And the more politics that are in it, the less likely it's going to be fair.

HUME: Do you just do you believe he's innocent?

BUSH: Do I? Yes, I do.
Hey stupid--you just "went there." Whatever happened to not commenting on an ongoing investigation?

At the end of all this BS, Hume asks idiot how he thinks he'll be remembered:
BUSH: I hope that first, as a person, I'll be remembered as a fellow who had his priorities straight: his faith, his family and his friends are a central part of his life.

Secondly, I hope to be remembered, from a personal perspective, as a fellow who had lived life to the fullest and gave it his all. And thirdly, I'd like to be remembered as the president who used American influence for the good of the world: bastioning freedom and fighting disease and poverty, by recognizing to whom much is given, much is required and that that I wasn't afraid to make a decision.
Sorry, moron. You'll be remembered by three little words: "WORST PRESIDENT EVER."