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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Even worse

I thought nothing could sound more ridiculous than aWol babbling about his "Plan for Victory" and the supposed nature of the enemy. I was wrong. The same BS sounds far more ridiculous when parroted by Condiliar Rice, a woman who by all accounts DIDN'T skip most of her college classes:
The American people want to know who we and the Iraqis are fighting and that we can win. And President Bush has answered, explaining the nature of the enemy that we face and why failure is not an option. The enemy in Iraq is a combination of rejectionists and Saddamists and terrorists. The rejectionists miss the unjust status they have lost. But we believe that some of them can be convinced to join a democratic Iraq that is strong enough to protect minority rights. The Saddamists are loyal to the old regime and think that they can regain power by inciting undemocratic sentiment. But as the Iraqi people become more able to defend their democracy, we believe that they will increasingly be marginalized.

The final enemy we face, the terrorists, are a small but deadly group, motivated by the global ideology of hatred that fuels al-Qaida, and they will stop at nothing to make Iraq the heart of a totalitarian empire that encompasses the entire Islamic world. If we quit now, we will give the terrorists exactly what they want. We will desert Iraqís democrats at their time of greatest need. We will embolden every enemy of liberty across the Middle East. We will destroy any chance that the people of this region have of building a future of hope and decency. And most of all, we will make America more vulnerable.

In abandoning future generations in the Middle East to despair and terror, we also condemn future generations in the United States to insecurity and fear. And President Bush has made clear that on his watch, America will not retreat from a fight that we can and must win.
"They will stop at nothing to make Iraq the heart of a totalitarian empire that encompasses the entire Islamic world." Condi attributes that goal to the "terrorists," but it is really the goal of the Bushies. And, as WIIIAI points out, Condi is not satisfied with this huge stinking pile of BS--she has to add more:
When America leads with principle in the world, freedomís cause grows stronger. We saw this when Ronald Reagan spurned friendly dictators and supported freedomís cause in Latin America.
The only person remotely resembling a "friendly dictator" spurned by Reagan (and every other US president) would be Fidel Castro. Meanwhile, Reagan was actively supporting extremely unfriendly dictators in Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Chile, Haiti and Paraguay, while doing everything possible to destroy the democratically-elected government in Nicaragua.

What a pitiful excuse for a Secretary of State.