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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Department of Pre-crime

Condiliar talks about the so-called "war on terror":
"This is essentially a war in which intelligence is absolutely key to success," Rice said. "If you are going to uncover plots, if you are going to get to people before they commit their crimes, that is largely an intelligence function."
First off, no one is less capable of using "intelligence" than Condiliar and her bosses. More importantly, arresting, detaining and torturing people "before they commit their crimes," that is, non-criminals, is a gross violation of the most fundamental human rights and a crime against humanity. And certainly doing all of this in shadowy secret prisons without public hearings or trials means that all we have to go on is the word of proven liars like Condi, Cheney and W. Furthermore, their threats against Iran and Syria (and previously against Iraq) are far greater evidence of intent to commit crimes than anything they could have on anyone they are holding. The Bushies have threatened publicly and repeatedly to commit further war crimes, yet they are still allowed to roam the world spreading hate and injustice with impunity.