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Saturday, December 17, 2005

A bit full of yourself, Hillary?

I'm not sure why Hillary Clinton thinks I support her--apparently she's never read my blog. A couple of weeks ago I got a fundraising letter from "Friends of Hillary." I sent all of the contents of the letter back in the business reply envelope, on which I had drawn peace signs and other subtle messages to Hillary and her friends. Today, I got a huge envelope with a bumper sticker and a window sign, which received the same treatment. On the outside of the big envelope it came in, it says "At Republican headquarters, there's a list of Democrats they want out of their way. My name is on top."

Hillary, you sellout, you haven't been IN their way! Patriot Act, three wars (don't forget Haiti), calling for MORE troops in Iraq. Now you're pushing for an anti-flag-burning amendment. My guess is that the Repugs are ecstatic that you might run for president in 2008. They know they can count on their base to despise you, and much of the left besides. You are hurting the country! Step aside.