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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Standing out in the blogosphere

Lots of lefty bloggers out here--but how many can say they once had their picture taken with George Wallace?

I'm the short guy in back. My boss at the time is feeding the guv a copy of the Alabama Preservation Manual, a book which was my boss's idea and of which I was the main editor. I was working for the Alabama Historical Commission at the time of the photo (1985, I think). Wallace was wheelchair-bound from the 1972 gunshot wound he suffered while running for president, and was pretty much deaf as well. I didn't think he was long for the world, but he hung on until 1998. Wallace had renounced his earlier racist views and been elected back as governor in 1982, getting a majority of the black vote.

(Sorry--totally irrelevant. Just looking through old photos on Thanksgiving!)