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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Obligatory blockbuster news

I think there are a few readers out there who only have time to read this blog, and not the many other similar lefty blogs. And since the mainstream media doesn't bother with some of the biggest stories, you might miss them entirely. (I tend to focus on things that I can think of something to say about.) So, as a public service, I'll mention three big stories in the left blogosphere:
  • AWol received a classified briefing ten days after 9/11 stating that Iraq had no connection to 9/11, what few contacts Saddam's regime may have had with al Qaeda were likely attempts to infiltrate AQ, not to work with it.
  • Bush and Blair discussed bombing al-Jazeera's headquarters in Qatar in April, 2004. (Heck, they've already bombed the branch offices.)
  • Timetable for withdrawal from Iraq demanded. Not from Congress, of course--from Iraqi leaders: Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds. They also endorsed the idea that the insurgency has a "legitimate right" to resist. And these are our puppets speaking!
In a sane universe, withdrawal of troops and impeachment would commence forthwith. Bob Harris explains why this may not be a sane universe:
I'm not denying the existence of a creator. If there is one, however, I strongly suspect it's not a deity of infinite wisdom. More like a sophomore deity, doing a summer project to make up a failing grade on his last universe, which fell over and collapsed into a black hole while it was still on the lab table, and right in front of that cute female deity he was really hoping to score with, the one who still giggles every time she sees him.

Seriously. I mean, look around. Tell me that's not what we're stuck in.