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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Look out, Tricky Dick!

W may be dropping in on you, unpopularity-wise. Jonathan at A Tiny Revolution has plotted W's approval and disapproval ratings against Nixon's. Here's one of the charts:

I'm still amazed that Bush's popularity soared to 90% for failing to stop a massive terror attack and then giving a couple of WWF-style tough-guy speeches and starting the first of two stupid wars. I'm a contrarian, I guess. I only mildly disliked the guy before 9/11, and have despised him ever since. Glad to see America is finally catching up with me! Where were you guys last year? He was a lying idiot then, too, you know.

I hope that Bush isn't trying to learn any lessons from this--his biggest jumps in popularity both occurred when he started wars. Of course, he knew that lesson before he got to Washington.