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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A leak they want to investigate--maybe

Senator Frist (R-Catkiller) and Speaker Hastert (R-DeLay) have asked the House and Senate intelligence (sic) committees to look into the leaking of information about the American gulag to the Washington Post, which ran an article on the subject last Wednesday.

In an extremely interesting development, the leading suspects would appear to be one vice president and 55 Repug senators--according to Trent Lott:
Lott told reporters the information in the Post story was the same as that given to Republican senators in a closed-door briefing by Vice President Dick Cheney last week.

"Every word that was said in there went right to the newspaper," he said. "We can't keep our mouths shut."

Lott, a former Senate majority leader who was pushed out in 2002, suggested the information was passed along by a senator to a staff member.

He said the investigation Frist and Hastert want may result in an ethics probe of a Senate member.
Digby suggests that the investigation called for by Frist and Hastert is a fabulous idea--let's finally air the administration's absolutely sordid laundry in a public debate, and maybe bring down a few Republican senators and a Veep from the Deep at the same time. Digby and others are suggesting that a Senate majority leader scorned is a fearsome creature. As Billmon suggested last week based on other comments from Lott, "This is proof of the old adage that on the way down you meet all the people you stepped on on your way up." Maybe if Bush and Frist hadn't been so quick to dump Lott after the Strom Thurmond comments, they wouldn't be having all these problems.

Nah. Reality would catch up with them one way or another. This just seems to be a particularly entertaining way for it to happen. Their Lott in life, I guess.