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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Judy Blue Lies

Jonathan Schwartz and Sam Husseini cooked up a great question to ask Judith Miller:
Your second story on the aluminum tubes, which you referenced, talked about administration officials saying that the scientists in Oak Ridge thought that the aluminum tubes were suited towards nuclear weapons production. We now know that that's false. The scientist at Oak Ridge thought no such thing. But the administration officials lied to you. Are you going to continue to protect these administration officials who use you as a conveyor belt or are you right here and now...are you right here and now going to start to come clean and put your readers allegedly above the people who you schmooze with and your sources in the government who pushed toward war. Are you going to tell us who that administration official was who put forward that false fact?
Read the details behind the question, and Judy's "answer," at Sam Husseini's blog.