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Thursday, November 17, 2005


I recently switched to using Firefox as my browser. It's made by the same folks who made Mozilla, the browser I was using previously, and is quite similar to it. The cool new feature I like, however, is the Live Bookmarks. Although I've had an RSS feed on my blog for a year or so, I only recently tried using a news reader--the Google reader. I didn't find it to be particularly useful--for some reason, some blog posts were displayed in their entirety, while for others only a small part was displayed, and I had to click through to see the rest.

But Live Bookmarks make RSS feed-reading really cool. Each blog or other source appears as a folder in an Explorer-style directory tree, and each post appears as an entry in the folder. Click on the title, and you are taken directly to the actual post--not a generic copy of the text. You can quickly see what's new on each blog.

Anyway, Firefox is supposedly more secure than IE, and it also works better with Blogger. And it only costs half as much as IE! (Okay, they're both free.)