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Monday, November 28, 2005

Abramoff and the Republican Mafia

I'm way behind the curve on the Abramoff stuff. But Joseph Cannon has lots of wicked stuff on Abramoff, Little Tony, Big Tony, Bob Ney, Ralph Reed, Poppy Bush, and others. Here's a small sample:
Keep in mind, as you read all this, that Abramoff's major partner in this series of scams was professional Christian Ralph Reed. Reed's major function (if I may over-simplify matters) was to cajole naive fundamentalists into bringing anti-gambling pressures against Indian casinos, who would then pay Abramoff to lobby those troubles away.

Remember those old "Dead End Kids" movies? "Hey Mister -- we'll watch your car for a quarter." Anyone who didn't pay the quarter found his tires slashed. Abramoff and Reed were plying the same trick, albeit on a much more rarified level.

The bottom line: Abramoff, representing the Bush interests, seems to have been the point man in a crusade to take over non-Vegas gambling. At the same time this Republican "mob" asserted ever-growing control over the Indian casinos, they forced they way into the regulation-free cruise ship industry attempted to acquire the major share of online gambling.
Here's to the sinking of the Repug cruise ship, with DeLay, Bush and all the rest of the Repug crooks going down with it.