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Monday, October 03, 2005

Trouble in Wingnutland

  • "[Harriet Miers] is something new: a complete mediocrity.” -- Ann Coulter
  • "Disappointed, Depressed and Demoralized" -- William Kristol
  • Rush said Miers’ nomination "disappoints” him.
  • Miers contributed $1,000 to the Albert Gore for President Committee [in 1988].
And some choice comments over at the right-wing website Confirm Them:
  • "The biggest problem is not all the quotes from conservatives about how she is unqualified. The biggest problem is that they are RIGHT."
  • "Her nomination is a disgrace and an outrage. If she had any sense at all, she would know that she wasn’t qualified and withdraw her nomination."
  • "Conservatives just got a huge middle finger from Bush."
  • "Harriet Miers is the least qualified nominee since Abe Fortas (also LBJ’s personal attorney at one point) was nominated to be Chief Justice."
  • "Face the facts people, BushRove (Or should that be RoveBush) just used yourselves and tens of millions of their fervent conservative supporters like a cheap whore. And not only were we used, but we were used for no purpose at all. Bush only hurts himself politically because the Liberals will hate his guts no matter who he appoints and the base will turn against him. If he had taken a Luttig, we he would at least have the base backing him right now, but instead nobody ends up happy with him. I can only hope now that Patrick Fitzgerald is preparing indictments against Rove so that Rover can spend the next 10-20 years being used by cellmate in the same way he used all of us."
Billmon has more, including finding out that some of the right wingers now think that a filibuster may be needed to send Harriet back to Ozzie. Billmon adds:
I haven't seen anything like this -- a full-scale, knock-down, intra-party brawl that doesn't involve Democrats -- since Shrub's daddy decided he didn't want people to read his lips after all.
If we're very, very lucky, both major parties will self destruct and we'll have an opportunity to bring democracy to America.

[Update] "[Miers] once told me that the president was the most brilliant man she had ever met." -- David Frum.

Now that's scary.