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Friday, October 21, 2005

They still need help!

This is Keith:

I met Keith a few weeks ago. He lives about a mile from me. I was planning on going south to help Katrina victims, but I backed out. Keith didn't. He and Ann, a woman from Ohio, left Ann Arbor on September 20, and stayed in the hurricane region until October 7. They arrived just before Rita did, so they had to hide out in a shelter for a couple of days. But they did plenty of good work after that. I had lunch with Keith and his significant other yesterday, and he shared these photos and stories with me:

They spent most of their time down south in Theodore, Alabama, just south of Mobile. They met up with a group of people from all over the country.

[Snarky editor's note] Note the predominance of blue states--California, New York, Massachusetts (Florida, Ohio). [/snark]

They toured much of the devastated area making deliveries. Remember, these photos were taken over three weeks after Katrina hit (this area wasn't hit by Rita).

They also helped out at a distribution center, sort of a free store where victims could come and get what they need:

Along the way, they ran into the VFP Impeachment Tour.

Actually, Keith says the Impeachment Tour ran into them. This bus hit his car--only minor damage.

Before they left the Gulf region, they took a brief trip to New Orleans:

Keith says the need for help is still massive throughout the region. FEMA and the Red Cross are failing to support thousands of people across the region who would have nothing to eat or drink without the continued efforts of basically free-lance volunteers.