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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Still a mess

From a photo tour of the Gulf Coast at Michael Moore's web site.
The entire coast of Mississippi is flattened. I know that everyone has heard this on the news but until you see it for yourself it doesn't really make sense. Hopefully the pictures I took will give you some idea but let me tell you the no picture does this justice.

It looks like the apocalypse. It looks like a bomb went off and it covered 200 miles of land. It looks like this is a region that will be affected by this disaster not just for a year or two or three but possibly forever. One thing that it doesn't look like is America.

The majority of the American people DO NOT understand the level of devastation that has taken place here. If they did, then they would know that the death count is totally ridiculous. Look at these pictures and then tell me that only about 300 people died in Mississippi. It's just simply not true. I have heard reports of bodies or body parts that were carelessly cleaned up with the rubble. These poor souls will never be counted and are unfortunately lost.