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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Some Democrats are coming around

Cyndy's keeping track of the buggers. Dick Gephardt says "It was a mistake ... I was wrong," about his Rose Garden capitulation to Bush in 2002 and his vote for the Iraq war. And Dennis Kucinich, who caved on his fight for an anti-war plank in the Democratic platform last year, and then supported the worthless John Kerry, says this time he won't support a pro-war Democratic nominee.

Why can't we get this message across--that Joe Biden and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton and John Edwards just need to go into a hole and repent their sins for the next couple of decades, and leave the Democrats to nominate someone who says what everyone knows--the war was a crime based on lies, and we need to get out ASAP? Good guys like Kucinich and Conyers get it, even Dick Gephardt and Al Gore get it. But the Dem shills like those over at MoveOn spend half their time pretending to oppose the war, and the other half supporting pro-war candidates. The 2002 Iraq war vote was an act of immense cowardice. The Congresscritters must have known that Bush was lying to them--but most of them voted for disaster anyway. The war was and is a crime and a huge mistake costing tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars. Bush is most to blame, but every Congresscritter who voted for it shares the blame, and should be run out of Washington on a rail. They certainly shouldn't be considered qualified to be president.