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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Martial law?

While billions are being spent on no-bid contracts in the Gulf region, New Orleans is forced to lay off half of its workforce and tens of thousands remain without housing. Meanwhile, aWol continues to suggest using the only well-funded part of the government, the military, to run everything, from disaster relief to bird flu quarantines.

As corrupt and dysfunctional as New Orleans government may have been, it at least had some local control and possibly some degree of accountability. The military is really only accountable to one person--the idiot-in-chief, and he has demonstrated for four years now that he has no intention of using them legally, properly or effectively, nor does he intend to require them to obey international law or even our own. Gutting city governments and using the military to take over their functions is a giant step towards totalitarianism.

Impeach. Now.