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Friday, October 07, 2005

Lowest ratings ever

From a CBS News Poll:
AWol's approval rating: 37% -- his lowest ever
Country going in the right direction: 26%
Country is on the wrong track: 69% (I guess that means that 31% think we're on the right track. Combined with the previous total, it looks as though 5% of the country believes we're going the wrong way on the right track, or something. Or maybe some people think we're going in the right direction on the wrong track. Who knows.)

The most acceptable method for paying for hurricane rebuilding? Cut spending in Iraq. 59% now say US troops should get out of Iraq ASAP. Where the @#$%* were you people in early 2004, when there were still anti-war candidates in the Democratic primaries?

I'll bet these numbers are the main reason for the supposed terrorist threat to the New York subways.