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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Inspiring the world

Condiliar went to Afghanistan:
"Afghanistan is inspiring the world with its march toward democracy," she said here, just hours after insurgents fired three rockets into downtown, wounding two Afghans.

The same morning, two gunmen on a motorbike ambushed a medical team on its way to a refugee camp in Kandahar Province, in southern Afghanistan, killing two doctors, a nurse, a pharmacist and an administrator, Afghan officials said.

That attack followed two major ambushes of police officers on Tuesday, some of the worst violence against Afghan personnel since the Taliban was defeated in 2001. Eighteen policemen were killed in the first attack, an ambush on a police convoy in Helmand Province. Then six more policemen were killed on Tuesday night in an ambush in the south, in Oruzgan Province.
It doesn't get any more inspiring than that.