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Friday, October 14, 2005


From NBC via Cyndy.

It's almost a shame we didn't have a recall election last year instead of a head-to-head between Gilligan and Lurch. After debates between two loser Yalies saying pretty much the same thing, one in short words and grammatically-incorrect sentences, the other in big words and run-on sentences, it's not that hard to see why a lot of people voted for Gilligan. But, on his own, would people have really agreed that this moron should be pResident, especially given his already-proven record of failure?

Of course, as California showed us, a recall to get rid of a corrupt, incompetent leader doesn't mean that he would be replaced by someone less corrupt or incompetent. Although in W's case, it would have been really, really difficult to find someone more corrupt or incompetent.