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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Commander in Chief

I watched the second episode of Geena Davis' tenure as president last night. A couple of interesting notes:
  • The chief bad guy, the Speaker of the House (Donald Sutherland), has to break off a discussion because he has to go to a meeting with AIPAC.
  • President Allen (Davis) picks an outspoken general (modeled on Clark? Zinni? the pre-2001 Powell?) to be vice president. When he arrives at the White House, he meets a staffer. The general asks the staffer if he's Arab. "Palestinian," he replies. The general then says, in Arabic, "I have great sympathy for the plight of your people." To which the staffer replies "Sorry, sir. I don't speak Arabic."
In the show, Allen was the vice-president for a popular Republican president who then died, although she herself is an independent. The House is controlled by the Repugs (Sutherland), while the Dems control the Senate. They have made references to Cheney as being a former VP, so the show seems to be in future reality rather than alternative reality.

In any case, I sure wish Geena Davis, or her fictional character MacKenzie Allen, were really our president. The guy we've got now, and his fictional character George W. Bush, suck really bad.