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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Biodiesel news

From the National Biodiesel Board:
Minnesota became the first to successfully implement a statewide initiative that blends two percent biodiesel (B2) throughout its entire diesel fuel supply last week. Sept. 29 marked the official implementation of the effort after the state met all requirements contained in the March 2002 legislation that received bipartisan support. Minnesota has exceeded the legislative requirement that the state have biodiesel production capacity of at least eight million gallons a year. The state now leads the nation with its annual biodiesel production capacity of 63 million gallons.
NextEnergy Center, a research facility focused on developing alternative energy technology, is bringing together automakers and biodiesel producers to further biodiesel research and development.

At the grand opening of the research center, located in Detroit’s Tech Town community, NextEnergy CEO Jim Croce announced plans with Biodiesel Industries and DaimlerChrysler to research the development of oil producing crops that can be grown on existing “Brownfield” sites to produce feedstocks for renewable, alternative fuels, as well as further refinement of biodiesel standards. Croce also announced plans for Biodiesel Industries to build a biodiesel production plant in Detroit.
Biodiesel Industries plans to build a three million gallon-per-year biodiesel production facility. It will be the sixth such production project completed by Biodiesel Industries, which already posts the largest network of company owned biodiesel production facilities in the world.

DaimlerChrysler committed currently unused land at a former SuperFund environmental site for use in producing soybeans for NextEnergy research programs.
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