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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bill Gates

Mr. Microsoft came to campus today, recipient of an award given by the University. I went to hear him talk. He mostly spoke about all the cool new toys they're working on--laptop wi-fi cellphone X-Box PDA slicers and dicers, and the various types of software going into them. He talked a bit about how much fun it is to work for Microsoft, and showed a little video featuring a bunch of UM grads who work there now. Yes, he does continually push his glasses back up on his nose! I could afford lasik but he can't?

Basically, he just seems to be one very happy geek. I know that many people, like my brother, are not happy with how Gates made his billions and what he has done to the computer and software industries. On the other hand, he is being generous with his billions. He donated the $10,000 honorarium that comes with the award to help students from Tulane and other schools shut down by Katrina who are now studying at Michigan.